Saturday, March 04, 2006

Art Helping Animals

I am so thrilled to be included here in such a dedicated and productive company of artists who create for the welfare of the neediest animals. Combining my love of art and my love for animals and to try to help make a difference in their lives is a blessing to me. Included here is my latest offering for charity. "Keep Looking Up" is the title of this oil painting. The Dalmatian is my own favorite breed, although, I love all breeds and "no particular breed"...I grew up with a Dal and have always had one. I try to help out with Dalmatian rescue and the neediest Dals through Save the Dalmatians and Others Canine Rescue org. by offering these paintings for charity auction when I can. It is one small way to help. Art Helping Animals artists paint for a variety of charities, Save the Dals is one of them. Visit the the entire site to see all the good work being done on behalf of the animals in need, no matter the breed, or type of, cat, dog, wildlife, marine mammal...we are working to make a difference in their animal at a time! The perfect way to enjoy art and help too! .....Carol Chretien

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