Friday, April 21, 2006

Celebrate National Pet Week! 4/29 - 5/7

How can you honor your own pets, past and present? Make a donation to your own favorite animal charity!
In a recent local newspaper edition there was an ad asking people to memorialize or honor a pet by placing an add in the paper. The fees were pretty hefty. It is nice to see your pet's pic in the paper but wouldn't it be even BETTER to honor them by helping a less fortunate pet?
There are so many who need help.
Spring is such a nice time to open our windows, and our hearts! Breathe in the fresh spring air and CELEBRATE your PET with a thoughtful donation in their name.
They so so much to grace our lives...what a nice way to say thank you.
Pictured here are Emmi and Lizzie...visit Art Helping Animals for some charities & giving ideas.

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