Friday, April 07, 2006

Honored to be among a Group of very Fine Artists!

Here is my latest stone that just sold for a donation to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. I'm currently working on an 8" x 10" canvas of a timber wolf and will keep you posted when I have it finished and up for auction.
I've just been looking at the wonderful work that is being offered on Art by Us and eBay by the other members of our group. I'm just blown away by the beauty and skill shown in each piece. And let me tell you these artists are dedicated. All you have to do is to click on the EBay and Art by Us buttons on our website and you'll see for yourself just how much care and talent is displayed in each and every work. Just last month these amazing people raised $2,438.01 to help animals in need! Each and everyone of these beautiful people donated unselfishly to a variety of animal charities, helping everything from seals, bears and wolves to homeless kitties , doxies and dalmatians among may other needy critters. It is truly an honor and inspiration to be among this group. So here's my tribute to them, Vernita Bridges-Hoyt, Doris Joa, Kimberly Ann Bailey, Tanya Amberson, Carol Chretien, Melinda Dalke, Sandra Merwin, Andy Mathis & Stella Violano. (Please click on their names to visit their websites) Talk to you later, Robin Joy Andreae

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