Sunday, May 14, 2006

Colorado: a tribute to a very special dog

The painting, LOBO, was recently purchased by Colorado's owners. Colorado was a German Shepherd. LOBO is a 16 X 20 Acrylic Impasto with thick knife strokes visible in the painting.

Colorado's human partner comes from the Southeastern part of the US and while on vacation traveling through Montana, he stumbled on my little Gallery at the Rue d'artistes in Billings Montana. Before he left my gallery, he purchased the painting shown here and he told me the heart-warming story of Colorado.

Colorado was in a kill shelter sentenced to die the next day, when one of the shelter workers called the police dog training unit and said, "there is a wonderful German Shepherd we think would be a great police dog." When the officer said he'd stop down next week and check him out, the shelter volunteer responded: "he won't make it past tomorrow." So the officer squeezed in a visit to the shelter and took Colorado with him when he left.

Colorado excelled at his training. He was a Champion Police dog winning all kinds of police dog competitions. For the rest of his canine life he worked side by side with his human partner as a full fledged canine officer. His human partner said that Colorado knew exactly when it was time to work. He was the best partner a police officer could have had and a wonderful addition to the family. Colorado was the lucky one. He lived with his human companion in a forever home until he crossed the rainbow bridge.

So check out your local shelters. There may be a dog like Colorado who is waiting to be a champion.

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