Monday, May 29, 2006

Corgi Picnic

I'm getting ready for the Montana Corgi Picnic which will be held in Billings on June 10. I am delighted that the Corgi association has asked me to be a featured artist. There will be over 100 Corgis who attend their picnic. The picnic will have fly ball and other games. The Corgi Run will have all the Corgis running together toward their owners. I imagine waves of individual Corgis in a sea of dogs. In honor of their Corgi Rescues, here is one of my Corgi paintings.

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aredthreadfamily said...

I'd love to know how to get in touch with someone about this picnic and organization. We live in the area and are waiting for our new corgi puppy who will be arriving around the 23rd of June. I know we missed participating this year, but we'd love to take part next year! :o)