Friday, June 16, 2006


I was a stray with no home of my own. The fields of Washington Co., TX were my backyard but it wasn't safe for me and I ended up hungry and full of heartworms. Thanks to a kind hearted member of True Blue Animal Rescue I was taken to the vet and cured from my heartworms and spayed. Now I'm staying in a kennel at TBAR where I get fed every day and I'm kept safe from the dangers of living in the streets, but I miss running and romping in the open. My dream is to have a safe backyard of my own to play in. I love people and will wiggle my cropped tail when someone comes near. I get along with all other dogs too. I am a striking black/white/tan Aussie mix with pretty blue and brown eyes. Please consider making me your new companion so I can know at last that I've finally found someone to call my own.

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