Wednesday, July 12, 2006


This week we heard about a 16 year old Corgie dumped by the wayside. WHO DOES THIS KIND OF THING? Lucky for the corgie named Patrick he has found angels from OLD DOG HAVEN to help.
It leaves me speechless but always grateful for the kind hearts beating in the volunteers of rescues across this country.
If we don't stand up for these innocent animals who will?
Old Dog Haven is one of ART HELPING ANIMAL's favorite charities to sponsor. We have a whole range of animal charitites listed on our site that deserve attention.
The volunteers are heroes in the lives of so many different animals and we can't say enough for them.
The Painting for today is still on the easel and will be posted to assist DARE doxie rescue when done.
Check out the site for other work the artists have for sale to help animals...trying hard to save one animal at a time and happy to use art as a means to that end! Thanks for your continued support. Artwork copyright 2006 CAROL CHRETIEN.

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