Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Let it Snow!

Save the continues to provide help and support and hopefully homes for Senior Dalmatians. They rely on the support of volunteers and people like YOU to help keep the donations coming.
Some of these dalmatians require vet care when first rescued. The expenses mount quickly. As artists providing art for charity we hope to give a win-win situation to these projects. YOU get a wonderful piece of original art or fine art prints or even cards....the CHARITY gets a donation to keep their good work going forward.
Personally, I am not able to foster or adopt an animal in need at this time, my own spoiled pets wouldn't allow it. I feel they are so fortunate that my way to help is to write a check, promote the charity, do the artwork and hopefully make a connection with the work, an art lover, the charity and the animal in need.
YOU can always go directly to the charity and make a donation, then call it a job well done! could go to the charity or ART HELPING ANIMALS website and find a great piece of art AND a donation will be sent from your purchase.
Summer is not a great time for charities who need your help...we are out and busy and enjoying the weather...but take a moment to support your favorite animal charity...the animals really depend on us all.
thanks! Carol Chretien...the picture above is a Christmas card listed on to support Save the Dals. "Gathered All Together"

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