Monday, July 10, 2006

Wolf Trio

The pen and ink "Wolf Trio" is a charity auction on ebay for the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

The Wild Sprit Wolf Sanctuary is a 501 c3 Charity that is working to help the wolves. One of the critical ways to help the wolves is through education. Part of the education about wolves is to ask the public to see the wof as it is, a social animal that does not kill humans and has an important place in our ecosystem. There are no recorded human death from wolf attacks. Although there is recorded human deaths and injuries from owl attacks. Yet, the owl is seen as wise, while the wolf is often seen dangerous. Actually, the wolf is a cautious creature and prefers to avoid mankind. Yet, the wolves in our history have often been an archetype of negative forces. Red Riding Hood, the trickster, and the three little pigs singing "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf". So hat's off to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary for working for a new understanding of the wolves and their place in our world.

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