Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dangerous Heat Wave

Please don't mind that this warning is repeated again, and again.

Art Helping Animals has posted in the Newsletters past, tips for keeping your animals safe in dangerously hot weather conditions. Read our newletters found on for more information!

Use good sense and do NOT leave your pet in a car. Do NOT leave them outdoors without adequate shade and a good supply of water. Keep a careful watch that they do not get over heated with activity.
Cats will know how to lay low...but make sure their water is fresh and available.
For your Dog: Offer ice chips, cool bath, spritz, frosty paws treats for your dog.
Recipe for making your own version of "Frosty Paws." (a tried and true recipe in my house)

16 oz plain yogurt
2-3 bananas
honey optional
puree in blender
pour or spoon into ice cube trays & freeze
pop out of trays when solid and keep them in the freezer in a ziplock bag....offer as a snack. YOU will be a hit with your dog! P.S. add enough honey or sweetener, or flavored yogurt and you will enjoy them, too!
Photo of Lizzie in Snow copyright Carol Chretien.

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