Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gone to the Dogs

In today's Blog I want to acknowledge real generosity of spirit and self. Not every animal is guaranteed to be loved and well taken care of ...they all SHOULD ...but they are not all born into it. (Many of the dogs written about in this chapter of our blog were rescued or their people are directly involved in their breed rescues.)

Summer is a time of gatherings and outdoor fun and I had the opportunity to attend a "Dog Pal Party" where guests of the hosts were invited to bring their dogs along, too.
The hosts (wonderful couple, Eileen and Tony) are owned by three Elkhounds and their home is designed to be dog friendly in a major way!
The "Dog House" is a small house (set apart from the main house) complete with heat or A/C & TV. Attached to this little house is a canopied deck and the "Dog Yard" itself, a huge fenced-in grassy area with shade trees, a few agility toys and a thoroughly nice place to sit and visit away from the main house. Only true "dog people" could have thought of this kind of a place for their 3 dogs to spend their days playing and lounging when they aren't up in the family house that is.

For this summer party, this wonderful couple opened their home to a variety of dogs...all shapes and sizes and breeds, Elkhounds, Shiba Inus, GSD, JRTs, Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen, Mastiff, and 5 happy Dalmatians! After meeting and greeting they spent most of the day supervised by their "moms" or "dads" or their "kids" in the play yard. And they had a blast, they ran, played and just had the best time.
When it got warm they took turns dipping in a kiddie pool or they went into the "house" for a little A/C. The resident Elkies generously shared their toys and space.

At the end of the day I was surprised with a very generous donation made by the Dalmatian contingent to the Art Helping Animals charities.
What a way to end a totally fabulous day. Great people, great food & fun, and great dogs!

The majority of these dogs are rescues living wonderful lives with loving families. You can't ask for more.
Images copyright Carol Chretien 2006.

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