Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Look to the Skies!

At ART HELPING ANIMALS there is a wonderful educational rescue & charity that we promote and support. The CASCADES RAPTOR CENTER of Oregon has been working to rehab wild birds and release them back to their natural world since 1987.
"Rehabilitation and release of orphaned, sick, and injured wildlife, primarily birds of prey (raptors), using the highest standards of medical treatment and care, and the best facilities possible is what we do.
Our Philosophy - Because we are both an educational and a medical facility , we have some important distinctions to make. We conduct public education activities both and on and off-premises. The Nature Center is open to members and the general public four days a week, as well as by appointment or for field trips and group tours on other days. We also have an annual Earth Day Open House in the Spring, when the whole facility is open to visitors."

They do explain that the injured and ill birds they care for are off limits to visitors, keeping the well-being of the birds first and foremost. Even those who may have found or rescued the injured birds and would like to see how they are doing, are not allowed access, to protect the birds by limiting human exposure, thus ensuring a successful return to the wild when they are healthy again and ready to leave the care of the center.

One of our juried Art Helping Animals artists, Melinda Dalke, has visited the Cascades Raptor Center and has brought us some wonderful reference photos of these regal birds. Offered to assist the Raptor Charity there is some unique work available by the artists of Art Helping Animals. As always, a % of the proceeds from the art sales goes directly to the charities! Visit to view the artwork and meet the charity. Today's image is a painting "The Eye of the Falcon" copyright 2006 Carol Chretien.

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