Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Peaceful Moments

Life is so crazy, always so much to do. Once in a while we have to stop ourselves and appreciate what our life is about.
Taking stock of our blessings, seeing the good in our lives, seeing the abundance most of us have instead of the lack, being resourceful enough to make the best of things when we have to or regaining lost ground and picking ourselves back up when it is tough and helping those who can't.
Just being grateful.
the anniversary of the Katrina tradgedy has been observed and it is also a reminder to count blessings everyday and send prayerful thoughts to those in need along with whatever we can do to help.
Have a grateful day.
Today's image is a painting just finished of "Peaceful Moments" copyright Carol Chretien. With a thanks to Art Helping Animals artist Melinda Dalke for her ref photo, used for inspiration, of this Oregonian scene.

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