Sunday, August 27, 2006

Protecting Puppies

How much is that doggy in the window?

Have you ever purchased a puppy from a pet store, from an on line breeder, from a newspaper ad? Do you know you could have been supporting a puppy mill?

Puppy mills are a business that often mistreat animals. Although there are laws enforcing minimum standards, their enforcement is very limited. One of the problems with puppy mills is that the people running them can sell directly to consumers avoiding the licensing requirements and law enforcement.

A reputable breeder will NOT sell dogs at a pet store. Reputable breeders make sure that that a puppy is a good match for the new family and that the puppy is going to a "forever home".

Please check out the free flyers you can down load about "How to Find a Good Dog Breeder" and "How to Buy a Puppy". These are offered by The Humane Society of the US at the following address:

You can see this auction at

The painting "Three Airs" shows an Airedale family playing and is on ebay for a charity auction for the National Airedale Rescue (NARA). Healthy puppies need interaction with their mother and their siblings. Between two weeks old and eight weeks old, puppies need to be with their canine families developing their understanding of pack behaviors. After eight weeks they are ready to learn about how to be with their human families. Please don't take a puppy away from it's mother before eight weeks. A reputable breeder will make sure that a puppy has time with their canine family to be socially healthy before they are adopted.

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