Monday, September 04, 2006

Cougars in Montana

Recently in Billings we've had cougar sitings a few blocks from our house. So here's a reminder for everyone what I learned about coexisting with cougars. Pet owners have to be heads up about keeping their family dogs and cats out of a cougar's hungry paws.

Keep vegation trimmed as cougars like to hunt under cover.
Motion lights can help so that you can see when you go out at night.
Do not EVER leave pets or children unattended in areas where there are cougars.
Make sure that your trash is secure.
Do not feed your cats or dogs outside.
Make sure no domestic animal is left out doors at night.

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dragonking said...

That's good advice. Keep the kids, pets, and adults too safe. It goes to show you that people aren't in charge of earth with the animals that exist. Like unfortunately about Steve Irwin dying. It was sad to me even. He was entertaining and a person too so he matters as well as all. I wonder what he was like in real life.