Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wire Fox Terriers

I have a special place in my heart for terriers. Terrier tend to be spunky, intelligent dogs that can get into trouble without some human leadership. The first time I took my terrier to a dog obedience training session, I was among several labs puppies. There were no other terriers in the class. The trainer took a lab puppy, placed her in a down position. The lab puppy was precious as she stayed in the down position even though it was obvious the little puppy was thoroughly confused. The other little labs obeyed with various charming responses. I was the only one who had a little puppy so excited that he was bouncing off the ceiling. Needless to say, a "down position" was not going to happen in that environment. I quickly learned that terriers needed some different ways to train them. Luckily I was able to study with an expert in animal behavior and learned how to provide appropriate leadership for my little guy. Terriers are so cute as puppies, but they are often in need of rescue because their families haven't figured out how to apply appropriate leadership. So here are two Wire Fox Terriers in a contemporary painting which is being sold on ebay to provided rescue to those canines who may need a little love and training.

"Wire Fox Pair", Original 11 X 14 Acrylic on Canvas

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