Sunday, November 26, 2006

Good Girl--Bring me the ball!

Brooke loved playing ball on Thanksgiving Day with Yoshi and Zain. She loves the farm and herded her first cow out of the yard and back into the pasture.

On Monday, November 27, Brooke will have the first of two immitticide injections to kill the adult heartworms that are living in her pulmonary artery between her heart and right lung. Twenty-four hours later she will have the second injection. Please keep this beautiful Border Collie in your most positive thoughts and prayers for a safe journey through the heartworm treatment. She has recovered from all her other conditions and challenges. This will be the last one to cure but also the biggest challenge and most serious treatment. After the injections, Brooke will need at least three weeks of quiet recovery time with no excitement. Keeping a Border Collie quiet will be a challenge in itself, although she has been good to cooperate so far, and I expect she will do the same now. We will let you know of her progress, so watch the blog.

Today, Brooke got a bath in preparation for the visit to the vet on Monday. She really is a beautiful dog, and she knows it!

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