Saturday, December 23, 2006

Border Collie Brooke Zazzles!

Brooke has completed her three weeks of confinement after the immiticide injections. She has one more heartworm test on Dec. 29 to see if the adult heartworms are all gone. If that test is clear, she will start on HeartGard (or the equivalent that works best on herding dogs). If it isn't clear, she will get a third injection of immiticide. She acts like she feels so much better, and the steroid is no longer being given. She has gotten so fat, thinks she is hungry all the time (and thirsty). She is constantly looking for food, so we got her a huge rawhide bone to chew. That should occupy her for a while. One day she found a tennis ball on the floor and just lay there with it in her mouth for hours. Today she found a ball and started to play, so I think she is feeling pretty well, but we are not going to push her into any activity until after her test comes back clear. Then we will start walking again. Brooke thanks you all again who contributed to Brooke's Fund to give her a chance at a good life.

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