Monday, January 22, 2007

Interview with HSUS Director, part II

Dave Pauli from HSUS NRRO (Northern Rockies Regional Office) continues answering the question about some of the successes that NRRO experienced in 2006

In the Longer Term Help to larger populations of animals category....We had more than a dozen major opportunities. On several of them I cannot give detail because they still have pending trials for animal cruelty coming up in February, 2007...but they involved bringing relief and veterinary care to hundreds of animals. These cases included large scale Parrot Rescues, Equine Rescues, dog and cat hoarder rescues and ranged from 50 to 450 animals each. In some of these The NRRO played a modest role where we paid for veterinary or transport services, and in others like two large Idaho cat hoarder cases we play a primary role bringing in out of state animal care and rescue teams and in redistributing rescue animals. In some of these cases we accept responsibility for some of these animals for several years until they are finally if a good forever home situation. Other long term projects like our Bush Veterinary Outreach program in Alaska that helped bring veterinary services into 51 Alaskan villages in 2006, and our Rural Area Veterinary Services clinics which not only provided direct clinic services in ND,SD, and CO....but helped to bring hundreds of final year veterinary students from all major vet schools into the humane family by showing them the impact of humanitarian work in our rural communities. And finally our office was just able to broker donations from a fund raiser sponsored by a co-owner of the Indianapolis Speedway to direct almost $55,000 to buy hay for the Colorado animals impacted by blizzards and horses in MT, AK, ID and SD by drought and wildfire.

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