Monday, January 29, 2007

NRRO HSUS - Hope and Dreams

It is so wonderful to know that there are plans in place for the 2007 year for the horses. Here is one more of HSUS NRRO's opportunities for 2007.

The South Dakota Horse Sanctuary Project: Another long story....but we were asked to help buy hay for horses on a great SD wild horse sanctuary due to extreme drought conditions and rising hay costs. After researching how to best help this good agency it was determined that just buying hay would only treat a short term symptom. So we did help with hay...but in March we will also be running a special project to contracept over 100 of the special mares on this ranch so that a burgeoning 2007 foal birthing would not compound the problems. This one time intervention will give the sanctuary the breathing room to address the drought and hay price issues without the added stress of more horses to feed. At the same time will may be doing some minor fence and building maintenance projects and working to both embrace and accept the growing population of black tailed prairie dogs on the ranch and to develop a long term management plan that includes both horses and p-dogs.

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