Sunday, February 25, 2007

Senior Airdale Fundraiser

"Pixie", one of many senior Airedales that National Airedale Rescue, Inc. has helped save.

The 2007 Senior Airedale Fundraiser is now in full swing! Please help support this great cause by visiting the fundraiser site and buying your raffle tickets today. There are lots of awesome prizes and you will feel great knowing that you helped a senior dog in need.

Link to "Filled with Love Senior Airedale Fundraiser 2007":

Monies will be used to provide care, housing, and other necessary services to senior Airedales; however it is not the policy of National Airedale Rescue to discriminate based on age against any Airedale in need.
The Senior Airedale Fund is supported solely by donations. It is used to help pay for necessary medical care of Airedales aged ten and over in Rescue. With National Airedale Rescue committee approval, medical expenses can be funded so that senior Airedales may remain in loving homes that lack the means to pay for necessary medical procedures.

Thank you for your help!

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