Friday, February 09, 2007

TBAR TALK - February

Adoptions, Adoptions, Adoptions!
In January only one of our rescue dogs went into an adoptive home but this week we have finally broken out of our winter adoption slump by watching several dogs go into their new homes. The January adoption was Toby, who went into a very special home with an adoptive family that really enjoys the high energy of this special breed. We were also lucky to place Bella into a foster home that has that same love for Staffordshire Terriers and also enjoys working with them. We are expecting them to adopt her just as soon as she's spayed and ready to adopt.

This week we sent some more of our rescue dogs and kitties into wonderful new homes! On Friday Max went home with a great family and their amazing young daughter who, at 8 years old, wanted nothing more than to adopt one of our rescue dogs. She knows every animal on our web page and cares very much about them and their stories.

After that great beginning, Sweet William met his new adoptive family at Petsmart after they were approved to adopt over the past few weeks. Cliff went home with his new family who had also been working through the adoption process for the past couple of weeks.

This trend seems to be continuing and one of our newest puppies found his forever home at Petsmart on Sunday. His application was approved and this sweet little pup went home to live with her new family today!

Thanks to the beautiful story that Lauren wrote for the Banner Press, Maverick found a wonderful forever family and went home with them today. Then to top the day off two of our rescue kitties went home with their wonderful new family today too!

In addition, someone saw the picture of Taz and read his story and fell in love with him too. She sent her application to me today and as soon as she's approved will be able to come pick up her new family member too.

One last blessing is that Pudding is going to be adopted by the same person who adopted Honey a couple of years ago. Pudding and Honey are sisters so this reunion will be a blessing for both of them.

Please pray for the rest of our sweet babies in hopes that they will all find that special someone who will give them the love and commitment that they deserve.

Spay / Neuter Rebate!
With the adoptions also comes the many, many pets that are born and dumped in the spring time. We have kicked off this season with our spay / neuter rebate for the months of February and March in hopes of stopping some of the unwanted pregnancies before they happen. Why wait? Get your pets spayed or neutered today. For more information on this rebate, go to

Animals That Need Our Help
The calls for us to take in animals has gone up too. We get from 5 - 10 calls every day to take in animals that need homes. Since we are full right now these pets have been lucky to be able to stay with the family that found them until they find a home. One such animal is Daisy who was found in Brenham and taken in by someone who is able to keep her and care for her until we can find her a forever home. When Daisy went to the vet to be spayed we found out that she is also heartworm positive with a heavy heartworm load. That means she will need the injection treatment to kill the worms in her heart. We are currently working on building Brooke's fund so Daisy will be able to receive this treatment in about a month.

Foster Program
We desperately need foster homes for our pets. Please consider being a foster home for a Tbar dog, cat or horse. If you can’t foster long term but would like to consider fostering temporarily, our six week foster program might be right for you. We are asking people to take in a dog that needs socialization for a period of six weeks. Giving a dog some attention and love will help the dog become more adoptable. We will support you with ideas and training tips throughout the process. We’ll be adding more details about this program to our web page very soon.

Adoption Days for February
Feb 4th – Petsmart in College Station
Feb 18th – Petsmart in College Station
Feb 25th – Lowe’s in Brenham

Other ways to help:
Send in annual membership fee if you haven’t done so already. Membership fees go directly toward helping the animals in our care.

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