Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Please take a few moments to visit http://www.dogsaver.org/willinghearts/...
Just read the first few listings of needs....this all volunteer rescue takes in some of the really HARD cases...gives monumental VETERINARY care to these poor dogs and works on donations. It costs!

ART HELPING ANIMALS is a proud affiliate to this non-profit org...we create to help and as artists we sell our work to be able to donate to the poorest and neediest of these animals.
This just in from Willing Hearts leader, Robbie:
(she writes in answer to my question of who needs the most help in their rescue?)
Rachael is 9 yrs old and was turned into the Harrisburg PA shelter pregnant (!!!!) and ready to pop. The shelter called us – poor thing had a very difficult time delivering 3 pups. One was born stillborn, another died a few days later. The third, Sox a male, she bit his penis off when he was born. The fostr mom had to syringe his urine (needle into the bladder). The vet operated and gave him a urethurostomy (sp) and he is doing well. A happy bouncy pup. His surgery cost us $445. He is definitely worth it but oh, the pocketbook! (SEE PICTURE ABOVE)

Domino came from a shelter in NY. He is 8 yrs old – was tied out on a chain – was seized by animal control. (emaciated)

Calvin is 11ys old. Family’s daughter moved in with new baby. He guarded the baby (growled at the mom) so they crated him (without much food or water) and he is emaciated.

Don’t know what the vet bills are going to be for calvin and domino – but we need to do complete work ups – its getting expensive.

Dal rescue is changing for us. We are spending more and more money on dogs and we cant break even. Any help you guys give us is GREATLY appreciated.

As an artist who LOVES animals, I get a lot of personal satisfaction from painting and selling work that will help...but... I see these ever growing needs and my heart breaks...DOES THAT LEAD TO INERTIA on my part because we can't save them all?
It just makes me want to fight harder for them.
the sick and discarded..."tied on a chain"..."dumped and pregnant at 9 yrs old!" ..."crated and had food and water withheld as punishment"
ENOUGH is ENOUGH but we have to keep trying to help...one animals at a time!
Do what you can, do all you can...sponsor, foster, donate, educate...make it your fight.
At Art Helping Animals it is just what we do!
thanks, Carol Chretien.

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