Friday, March 16, 2007

Abuse of Animals by Fashion Industry

Did you know that the fake fur on the coat or jacket you just bought could be the fur from a racoon dog from China?

Yesterday, The HSUS escalatd their campaign to protect animals and consumers from widespread abuses by the apparel industry. They filed a legal petition with the Federal Trade Commission seeking to enforce the Fur Products Labeling Act against 14 major retailers and designers concerning false advertising and false labeling of garments with fur trim.

The "Today" show and "Good Morning America" reported on this investigation that turned up products made with fur from dogs and other species -- products that were sold as either fake fur or other types of animal fur in violation of the Federal Fur Products Labeling Act.

In response to the HSUS investigation, many retailers and designers acted to put customers and animals first -- notably Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, which have both pledged to go fur free within a year. But a disappointing number of stores and designers did not take appropriate action.

Please take action to help close the loophole that allowed this deception. Click here to find out you can help.
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