Thursday, April 12, 2007

TBAR's MaKayla, Shepherd-Labrador, Needs a Home

MaKayla wears a smile that only freedom and happiness can bring. One can only imagine the dangers MaKayla escaped -- she was found running loose with a chain hanging from her neck. Did she break free from a backyard 'prison' where she was chained and forgotten? Did she desperately free herself from an abusive situation? We only know that she found her way to True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) where she was pulled off the streets and kept safe from getting hit by a car.

When no one claimed her after running a found ad, MaKayla was spayed, vaccinated and is now available for adoption. This beautiful, year old, light orange and black shepherd / labrador mix loves life and seems to really enjoy her new-found freedom. (see her color picture at

If you love life and want someone to share it with, then MaKayla might be just the right dog for you!

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