Friday, May 18, 2007



It is very tempting to give the last bites or leftovers to your pet...we hate to throw food away...BUT...we don't want to kill them with "kindness" by over-feeding them.

While we are thinking spring/summer and getting into shape please take a look at your pets and adjust their diets to help them "get into shape" too!

Their HEARTS & JOINTS will thank you and they will have even more time to share with you.
they also love attention and exercise so even just short periods of play have big benefits to their health.

If you are not sure what amounts you should be feeding your pets...check with your vet. If your pet is severely overweight you NEED to get some vet advice about food and exercise for your faithful companion.

We want them to be healthy, stay healthy and thrive for optimal quality of life.
Coco is the model of the before picture in this piece ...he was a Faxon Animal Rescue League dog up for adoption...brought in very overweight and started on a healthy eating plan giving him a new lease on life!

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