Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day ....

Isn't it wonderful when you can read about SUCCESS STORIES of homeless animals finding loving families?!
Well here is a great one from WILLING HEARTS DALMATIAN RESCUE...the pictures speak volumes... visit their site for all the pics!
Hi! My name is Monroe Moira. When my mom adopted me in October of 2001 she said everyone has to have a middle name and I was no exception. The wonderful folks at WHDR named me and my brothers and sisters after presidents. And my mom liked the name Monroe for a girl so she picked Moira as my middle name. In Celtic it means GREAT. I think it’s very fitting!
We were rescued from a puppy mill. (Pebbles’ story also appears here-she’s my sister. Don’t we look alike?) I went to live in the beautiful countryside of Maryland with my big sister Loki Grace and a poodle sister, Shelldyn Anne. Shelly got sick shortly after I arrived and left us in May of 2002. I hear Mom also had another poodle named Marquis Sydney. She talks about him all the time. Apparently he could lick an ice cream bowl cleaner than I can. Well, we’ll see about that!
I have a few issues due to my somewhat rocky start in life but my mom and dad are helping me get over them. I have a behaviorist that helps me with the things I’m afraid of. And I get to go swimming at a doggie spa every Saturday morning! My Mom trains with me every day so that I burn off some energy. I’m not so sure about all this stuff but the treats I get when I’m good are really tasty! There is a picture here of me swimming at the spa. The nice lady who helps me swim tells me I’m hot stuff. You bet I am, that’s a heated pool!
I love my adoptive mom and dad. They give me lots of attention and my mom tells me she loves me all the time. She calls me her little sugar plum. My favorite place to nap is in her lap. It gets a little crowded when Loki and I both squeeze in the chair with her but we can make it work, as you can see. Sometimes I just go jump in Mom’s lap and kiss her a lot, just to let her know that I love her too. My start in life may have been a bit difficult, but I’m living the good life now!

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