Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Tales...(tails?)...TALES!

I find myself sitting at the computer this morning reading the success stories on many of our ART HELPING ANIMALS supported charities ....they are such happy tales being told by the families who adopted these formerly homeless pets.

Before I know it an hour has flown by and I am lost in the stories.

These families are so very giving and special to take in these discarded, abandoned or abused rehabbed by the volunteers who work to help the animals overcome some of the behaviors from lack of training by their previous owners...or the fears they may have acquired from abusive experiences...IT HAPPENS! They CAN BE SAVED WITH LOVING CARE.

Many of these pets have also received medical care and have come back from the brink of death or very serious illnesses to be made whole and ready to begin enjoying a wonderful new life.
Some even get into families with children who can match their new found energies.
And in these cases I see the REAL EXTRA BENEFIT of the families who have now demonstrated to their children that ADOPTION of homeless animals is a truly wonderful thing.
A great lesson to pass onto a child!

So if you have a few minutes (or an hour) to read some fantastic and uplifting stories...visit the rescue org's sites on ART HELPING ANIMALS and see the very good works, of some very good people HELPING HOMELESS ANIMALS create new happy tales!

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