Monday, May 07, 2007

Meet ROCKY -have a Willing Heart!


Meet Rocky

Rocky is a 9 yr old male purebred Dalmatian who lost his home due to a divorce. He is housebroken, good with children, other dogs and cats. He isshy and a little uncertain at first but warms up quickly and is very easygoing. We prefer he go to a home with children over 10 as he deserves aquiet home at this time in his life.
From Rocky's foster mom.....So far I can tell you he is very adoptable, very loving, eager to please,and strikingly quiet. Not a peep, knows sit and stay and as we could telldoesnt mind traveling, no signs of food aggression, luvs other dogs, tailgoes crazy when he sees another dog, not finicky, that boy will eatanything, and luuuuuuuuuuuuuvs pedigree jumbobones! He hid it under hisblanket when he was done. Super cute boy.
Update 5/5/07:
A few words from Rocky himself,

My original mom named me Rocky but I'm much more a Mr Happy. My foster mom laughs 'cause I'm always wagging my tail and smiling. She keeps calling me a 'love' and smooching me right on the lips. I'm kind of liking it. She loves when I rub my head all over her, I'm really just trying to get her to rub my ears but if she likes to think its me hugging her, so be it. I'm crate trained and very comfortable in it, and just as comfortable laying outside on the grass, smelling the air and watching the birds fly around. I'll lay outside all day wagging my tail happily at the birds if I could. I love other dogs, I have a great big shepherd mix foster brother who I get along with just fine. He barks every time someone comes to the door. I dont get it. I guess he's some kind of watch dog. I'm not much of a barker. I've only barked a couple times since I've been in my foster home and that was to get the next door neighbors dog to come play with me and when I was ready to come in from outside. I love spending quality time with my foster mom, wherever she is I prefer to be. Sometimes she forgets I'm even in the room I'm so quiet, but I'm just happy to be there. I also enjoy going for car rides, I'm not like some silly dogs that get car sick, I could drive for hours very happily. I've been taught the basic commands and have just been reinforced with my housebreaking. when I first meet you I may be very scared and I may shake and have a couple of accidents in the house, but its just cause I'm really a mommy's boy and it will take me a day or so to get used to you. Please be patient with me. My life has been pretty confusing lately and I'm really eager to have a permanent mom and dad.
luv Rockyaka Mr. Happy

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