Monday, July 30, 2007

KISMET! ...MEET mom & heartworm patient.

(Ethel being taken from the kill shelter)
KISMET! ...let me explain... Yesterday July 29th I just finished this new painting and was trying to decide which of my favorite DALMATIAN rescues to list it for (I am honored to help support SAVE THE DALMATIANS, WILLING HEARTS DAL RESCUE and DAL RESCUE OF TAMPA BAY with my art work for charity) and...

"Mother & Child"

8x10 small study of a Dalmatian mom and a moment caught in time with her baby.

....then I got the email below. THAT IS KISMET!

So.... in addition to the first listing of the Christmas piece listed on Art By US.... the painting "Mother and Child" is offered at 100% donation to DALMATIAN RESCUE OF TAMPA BAY....I didn't make the decision of who to list for...fate and the wonderful folks at DRTB stepped in to help!

Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay's director Susan Weber has sent out this notice to supporters:
Tomorrow [July 30th] we are rescueing yet another innocent victim of a heartless backyard breeder.
Ethel is only about 1.5 years old and has already been bred and now abandoned.
Two of her puppies have already died from being left out in the hot sun on nothing but a filthy cement slab. They have been confiscated at only 4 weeks old because they could have all died from heat stroke. Ethel was going to be euthanized on Monday because the shelter is too crowded to treat her for heartworms.
So we are stepping in and getting her treated - the owner just used her to make money off of her puppies but didn't even care enough to give her heartworm prevention.

Heartworm treatment is expensive.....even with our discount it costs $150 to $250.
Artist Carol Chretien (ART HELPING ANIMALS ARTIST) continues to help us help these poor Dals with a percentage from her beautiful paintings.

Here is a new one that would make a beautiful Christmas present for yourself or your favorite spot lover. So please take a look at this painting and bid for little Ethel. Thank you so much for caring.
Susan WeberDalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay LINK: Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay

A BIG thanks to all who help homeless and needy animals through art!

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