Friday, October 26, 2007

CA Wildfire Animal Rescue wtih HSUS NRRO

HSUS NRRO arrives at the Staging Area in San Diego

The Humane Society Disaster team from Billings, Montana left Wednesday around 2:00 to help with the rescue of animals in the San Diego area. Amy, a veterinarian, Wendy, a vet tech, and Andrew, a wilderness first responder make up the team. The team's mission was to bring the HSUS 30 foot horse trailer filled with supplies, dog crates, horse panels and more to the San Diego area as quickly as possible and remain as volunteers until the crisis was over. Driving through the nights and stopping only for refueling and short sleeps, the team reached the stage area today with the equipment.
A special thanks to the HSUS NRRO disaster team!!

Andrew and Wendy are greeted in San Diego by a rescued horse held in the HSUS rescue facility.
Photos are from Amy's cell phone. Stay tuned for more information about what the HSUS NRRO team in San Diego is doing.

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