Saturday, October 06, 2007

The GOOD NEWS / the BAD NEWS....

click this link! - Tampa Bay's 10 News - WTSP


I just got an email from Susan, the Dalmatian Guardian Angel over at DALMATIAN RESCUE of TAMPA BAY...she has been helping wtih this case and told me that the GOOD NEWS is they will be helping find loving homes for the 2 Dalmatians who the police got to in time. The bad news is that the dalmatian Alex was near death and the kindest thing that could be done for him was euthansia.
I did email the channel that reported the story and voiced my comments.
My voice is little...but when we all shout together we make a mighty noise that can be heard all the way to heaven!

Please pass this link around and share your disgust for bad things that happen to good dogs for no good reason. Lets educate as many as we can that we won't stand for this meaness and waste of life.
Save a life...rescue when you can and support those who do the hands on fostering and care!
Carol Chretien (permission to cross post granted)

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