Thursday, January 10, 2008

Resolutions, Revelations, Real Life Goals!

Here we are in 2008! Wow ...time flies.
Art Helping Animals is closing in on the completion of 2 full years working toward the goal of raising money for rescues that help homeless animals.

As a fellowship of independent artists we have contributed over $ 36,000.00!

It is a collaborative effort...we paint, the rescues save, our collectors and supporters buy and the animals are rehabbed and rehomed to new families and new lives.

Our work has only begun but we have so many things we all want to accomplish this year to make it our best year ever for these needy innocent animals.

With each stroke of paint I am mindful that I am not just indulging my great love of creating art...I am doing it with a sacred purpose of maybe helping to bring heart worm treatment to an infested street dog...or a few more years to a senior animal dumped into a kill-shelter for who knows what heartbreaking reason.

Here is the thing...I would be painting with my fellow artists...we NEED to paint and create art. But... we have committed and PROMISED to give a portion of what we create to help others.

We have an incredible potential of doing fantastic things always before us.
Never more evident to me than in the first days of a brand new year.

This will be a brand new year for many animals in need. The numbers of animals abused, neglected and euthanized yearly remain staggering ...we have to help.
Our rescues not only hands-on help these little guys, they spend time trying to educate the public about ways to prevent abuse and end needless suffering. Advocating for them and getting the word out about ending pet shop production through puppy mills ...wonderful article in last month's BEST FRIENDS magazine...explains the fight. We press on to help make a difference.

As a fellowship we combine our strengths to aid in the way we can make a difference, I am so very grateful that I have something to colleagues feel the same. Our studios will be busy reaching out this year to help.

Keep your eyes on our Art Helping Animals blogs ...visit our individual sites, visit our Incredible charities ....and share us with your family and friends...we are all in this together in 2008!
We will be telling stories of homeless animals in paint, we will be making art transend itself, as it should.

We wish everyone a wonderful, colorful, artistically fabulous NEW YEAR!


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