Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Emmi the Radio Cat - hyperthyroid cat info.

EMMI today is the first day of the rest of her life!

(this painting above of Emmi "Pick Me Up" sold to help cat rescue)
Carol Chretien
(an Art Helping animals Artist)

Emmi our little grey calico cat is home from a week at the OCEAN STATE VETERINARY SPECIALISTS in Rhode Island where she received top notch care from Amy, her day-to-day caregiver and Dr Susan Newell the vet specialist who treated her with radioactive iodine to cure her hyperthyroid disease.

Emmi has had a rough few months with trials of meds, labs, bolus' of fluids when dehydration and anorexia got the best of her from adverse med reactions.
Emmi is one of my in-house models who is the subject of many paintings and inspiration for paintings that help homeless animals. Her face is in collections around the globe and she really is one of the treasures of my life. At age 14 we are hoping this treatment will give her many more years with us while having a good life.

So today is a blessing to me to have her back home and being the little noodge she can be when she wants my attention. She has forgiven us for bringing her to the Vet for a week stay.

I would recommend RADIO ACIVE IODINE therapy as the FIRST choice in a HYPERTHYROID diagnosed cat...the cost of treatment is in the 1300.00 price range but you save many vet trips with your cat for meds and lab rechecks, possible adverse med reactions that cause your cat distress, take time from healing and money too!
I wish I had gone with it from the moment she was diagnosed and we would have made her comfortable months before. Now we know and want to share the info.

Signs of Hyperthyroid...excessive hunger, constant eating and very noticable weight loss....also dull coat, nausea, vomiting, dehydration. Age related...in senior cats...they are now suggesting Thyroid lab work with elder cat routine check ups...think 12 yrs old at least. The effects for the cat with hyperthyroid disease is rapid heart rate, rapid metabolism (the reaseon for increase weightloss) and hypertension, heart attack and/or stroke is possible.

Once they have had the treatment, a one injection procedure, and they have returned to safe levels of radiation to be discharged home...Follow-up for Radioactive Iodine Rx is labs at one month post treatment and then three months to check the thyroid levels. IF your cat becomes HYPO-thyroid after treatment they do not require treatment, according to Emmi's Vet at OSVS.

If you don't have Pet Health Insurance (we don't) as a pet owner the smart thing to do is set up a savings acct for pet health where you bank when pets are young and vital...save a little each week and set it aside for their Vet care. It helps when those times come...and they will...when you need to spend a little more on their vet visits.
Please feel free to pass this info on to others who have older cats in their houshold.
It is great when we learn these things to share and hopedfully save others prolonged discomfort if possible
Thanks for supporting rescue, adoption and care of homeless animals with purchases of fine art
from our Art Helping animals Artists!

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