Friday, March 14, 2008

TBAR Happenings

Puppies found, 10 little lives saved ~
A couple of weeks ago, a good samaritan was driving down a Washington Co. road when she found 2 boxes, taped closed, on the side of the road. She stopped, opened them up and found a total of 10 adorable puppies inside. She put them in her car, took them home, and contacted TBAR. Two of our officers agreed to foster these cuties and now they are all safe, vaccinated, and well cared for. You can see these cuties on TBAR's puppy page. GREAT news, we have already placed 2 of them, and there is an adoption pending on another.

Texas A&M is looking for a new Reveille ~
As you may have already read, in an email that I sent out a few days ago, Reveille is retiring and Texas A&M is looking for a new dog. They would like to go back to their roots of having a rescue or shelter dog as the next Reveille. TBAR has corresponded with the University and has offered a couple of our "box puppies" (see above) for their consideration. Butter is a cutie that looks a lot like a collie, and Creampuff is one of her adorable sisters. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they accept TBAR's donation for this honor.

Phaser gets a new foster home ~
Long time TBAR dog and shy-guy, Phaser, went to a new foster home recently to get some special one-on-one attention. Kathy Frazier, a new TBAR member, contacted Melanie to let her know that she would love to foster one of our shy dogs to help socialize them to be more adoptable. What a blessing! It's baby steps, but Phaser seems to be doing well. Thank you Kathy!!

Upcoming TBAR Events ~

Saturday, April 12th - Adoption Day at Parcel Plus in Brenham
More details to follow...

Saturday, June 1st - Horse Day at TBAR
A day of horse fun - bathing, brushing and horse interaction. Time and other details to follow...

Whitney Twiss
TBAR Communications Officer

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