Wednesday, April 16, 2008

True Blue and Gracie Need your Help!

True Blue Animal Rescue was founded to save horses and other animals. TBAR was named for their original blue roan named "True Blue."  

I'm sponsoring Gracie [pictured below]. Won't you help by becoming a horse sponsor, too?

This sweet, 2 year old filly was recently donated to TBAR along with her companion, Valentino. They are very, very skinny; and need lots of TLC and good food. Won't you help by donating feed to help them get healthy again? (A bag of high-fat feed is $15) 
Click Here to Read their story or to Donate

BE A SPONSOR!  You can sponsor a rescue horse and help them get back to health. Examples: vaccinations for one horse cost $50, wormer costs $10, the farrier cost is $30. Go to the following web page and click on "Make a Donation" to sponsor and help get a horse back to health.  

Healthy horses available for adoption can be seen on the links below:

True Blue's Storybook--
True Blue was born on a horse ranch in Texas. The ranch bred a special color of blue horses. Some people call them blue roans, and some call them gray roans. The term "roan" is a type of color in which white hairs are mixed in with the base coat. True Blue did not have any of the white hairs in his coat, so instead of the usual roan coloring he was all blue with a white mane and tail. 

His owner was very upset about his color and kept telling him, "If you don’t change colors when you shed out this spring you’re going to the auction!" 

This frightened True blue because ...  [click here to read more of the story about True Blue."

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