Saturday, June 14, 2008

UPDATE ~ This just in! Stone is saved!

Susan (director for DAL RESCUE TAMPA BAY) sent the word that STONE was rescued...

"We got him out of the shelter this morning. He's at a vet's office right now being given a thorough exam.
He was apparently filthy, covered with fleas and has been chewing his back leg raw. He's a little on the timid side right now but very sweet.
A little thin also but that will be taken care of soon.
He'll be transported to [volunteer]Sherry tomorrow, then neutered, then hopefully into a good home!"

Now the work begins to rehab and rehome a pet that only knew one family but will soon find his forever place in the hearts of those who will love him till the end!

If you want to help sponsor his care or see what good work these Angels do at DRTB...just visit their site. Every little bit helps.

Another note...yesterday, the same day DRTB got the call about Stone, they pulled 2 Dals in VERY dire need from a kill shelter with one day left before their time was out. The pics are not suitable for posting but their lives mattered and now they are in safe hands too!

Not only do they rescue Dalmatians from the streets and kill-shelters of Tampa Bay and surrounding areas they also have a full house of Senior Dals who live out their lives in a loving home until they cross the BRIDGE. You can read the stories there too. This is an all volunteer group who rescue and rehab in foster homes. It takes a lot of hands and huge hearts to do the work.

their link to help is

We are all in this together! Rescue is larger than one group, one takes all of us to help make a difference.

posted by AHA artist Carol Chretien

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