Monday, June 02, 2008

Where's Dave? Director of HSUS NRRO

Here's the latest from Dave.. He's been busy.

Where in the world is Dave Pauli?

"Well I have recovered from my trip to the Philippines. Recovered physically that is. Since returning mid-May I have been to HSUS EXPO in Florida, on three day trips, a two day Wolverine meeting and tomorrow leave for a week in California for the National Conference on Animals in Disasters.

While there I am doing a workshop on Animal Hoarders. So let me start this Blog with a light-hearted question? What do you call a person who continues to hoard animals repeatedly?????

Why a Cereal Hoarder of course!!!

So while the topic is serious... this little staged photo is part of my workshop that I am giving with my past NRRO teammate Colin Berry. Our workshop will be offering some new DVD's ( HSUS Hoarding Task Force) and some custom made forms for agency to help figure out how to handle hoarders. It should be fun and educational.

SO it is spring and the calls for orphaned wildlife are starting to come in... In the few days that I have actually been in Billings... I have been called out to rescue 9 ducks, One pigeon that flew into a window, one injured Nighthawk (member of the Whiperwill family), and this morning a infant rattlesnake. Most of these situations actually needed some intervention because we learned over the phone that of injuries or potential dangers IF the animals were not rescued. BUT in most wildlife interactions in spring time the mother animal is nearby watching the situation and humans actually steal their babies. So we promote a concept called IF YOU CARE --- Leave them there. Sort of a tough love for baby wildlife.

My species of the week however is Wolverines. I spend a day Friday with a half dozen of the worlds best wolverine biologists from Yellowstone Park, Glacier Park, Alaska and Canada. This crew has seen, trapped, radio collared and handled more wolverines that most people know exist. ( there are only about 500 left in the lower 48 states...and you may soon be hearing about a drive to get them listed as an endangered species. I will be hosting and sponsoring a workshop in Billings this fall to help reach that goal and to bring zoos and educators together to help get the word out.

I will close with another picture from the Philippines. I will be in the field the next few weeks on Disaster Training...then an old fashioned barn raising of an animal shelter in Eastern Montana, and then for a fencing project for prairie dogs in South Dakota. I will catch up with you when I can. Thanks Dave

Teaching muzzle technique for stray street dog

Teaching netting technique and handling.

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Bernie Berlin said...

Love what Dave does..
If ever in the Philippines again, my family can provide first class lodging. They own a vacation resort on their small island:)
I hate what goes on in the philippines with the animals!!!
My best to you..