Monday, July 21, 2008

HELP! Rescue populations are on the rise....

The economy is forcing many pet owners to turn their beloved pets into rescues across the country as the fight to stay in their homes and apartments is becoming tougher each day.
The newspapers have been featuring stories of this situation pretty regularly.
We have a little way to go before things turn around for us in this global village we live in. We can do anything together and make great strides when we put our priorities into perspective and work for the good of all.
The rescues and especially the NO KILL rescues are needing everyone's support more than ever before. Most of them survive on donations to just keep going. They pull animals out of KILL shelters everyday to save a life. They foster the Old Ones...they keep them safe and loved for the rest of their days. It takes the many hands of loving volunteers and the funds of the rest of those who can give a little help with donations of money, items, food and time.
Add to the equasion the list of natural disasters that have claimed the homes of families and pets the last few years! Organizations such as The HUMANE SOCIETY & BEST FRIENDS SOCIETY for Animals are doing all they can to reach out and help.
ART HELPING ANIMALS artists continue their passion and purpose of donations directly to the rescues they support with dollars from sales of their art work.
Even the ecomomy's toughest challenges will not stop the artwork from being made available to art lovers, pet lovers and supporters of rescue from coast to coast and globally too.
Pass our latest art links to those who share a love of animals in need, who love art, who give the gift of art that helps rescues, who may not know of us yet but will if we share the news!
If you are looking for something special to give a loved one, yourself or just want to support rescues...see the links below.
As always....sincere thanks for supporting animals in need through art!

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