Wednesday, September 17, 2008


True Blue Animal Rescue is making plans to help the animals that were effected by Hurricane Ike and we need your help! Hurricane Ike left a site of mass destruction in Galveston and surrounding areas this past weekend. Galveston and surrounding towns have been devistated by the surging waters that crashed ashore Sept. 13. This area and much of Houston will be without power for up to a month That's millions of people without power to care for themselves or their pets. We have plans to support all of those effected by this hurricane which currently includes over 550 livestock and 1200 small animals as reported by the Texas Animal Health Commission. This does not include persons sheltering their pets in temporary housing, or individuals providing sheltering space for animals. These are the first totals that have been reported so we expect that number to grow as the rescue efforts continue. The rescued animals and the animals in temporary shelters with their owners all need food and water right away so we are planning to bring in a truck load of donations to them this coming weekend, Sept.19.

We know that FEMA is out there helping all the people so we have started collecting items for the animals. The Texas Agrilife Extension, Texas Dept. of Agriculture and Livestock industry groups who have established "Operation No Fences: Hurricane Ike Horse and Cattle Relief" are asking for feed, hay and water troughs to provide the livestock with safe feed and water. We plan to bring all items donated directly to the animals in the Houston area. We would also like to bring some of the many items needed to the small animal population as well.

The following list is from the Houston SPCA.

Monetary Donations (To Houston SPCA @ )
Fuel for Generators
Dog Food
Cat Food
Batteries (especially 9 volt)
Crates of ALL Sizes
Bungee Cords
Bottled water
Cat Litter
King Size Kong toys for dogs
Rabbit Food - timothy hay pellets
Small TVs with built in VCR/DVD
Soft Chewable Dog Treats
Current Key Maps
Disposable Rubber Gloves
Digital Cameras
8" and 12 " Cable Ties
Food for Hamsters, Rats, Guinea Pegs, Ferrets and Gerbils
Halters - small and medium size
Fly Spray and Masks
Thrush Medicine
Mucking Forks / Rakes

True Blue Animal Rescue will be taking all donated items directly to Houston on Friday, Sept. 19th. All items donated can be taken to Parcel Plus- 2305 South Day St., Brenham- (979)836-3825. Cash donations can be left at Parcel Plus for the Tbar Hurricane Ike Animal Relief Fund or via pay pal on our web site, We will use all monetary donations for fuel to get into the area or to purchase supplies still needed to help care for the animals.

By taking care of the animals we give the owners peace of mind so they can focus on rebuilding their lives.

Please help us to help the victims of Hurricane Ike.

Melanie DeAeth
True Blue Animal Rescue
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