Thursday, October 30, 2008


Pumpkins, Ghosts and Gobblins...
oh my!

Just a friendly reminder to keep your pets safe from harm at this Halloween season of festivities...

The frequent ringing of the doorbell with little gobblins Trick or Treating, the mounds of candy that they can get into if left to their own devices....
these are things that can cause stress and even harm if we forget that our pets rely on us to keep them safe.

Be that they don't scoot out the front door when you are dropping those goodies in the treat bags, don't EVER let your dog eat CHOCOLATE it is POISON TO THEM!
If they get into the candy...get in touch with your VET EMERGENCY clinic for medical advice.
If your pet is not used to greeting strangers at your front door it may cause stress and anxiety so just keep them out of harm's way and protect the little gobblins too.

Enjoy the fun of Halloween and keep safety first in your plans.

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