Sunday, August 16, 2009

Anyone want Straggly?

You can even change his name to Scruffy, Scrawney, or Stringbean (skinny like a stringbean).

I went outside a few minutes ago, to put something in my truck, and heard "meow, meow" in a sort of squeaky tone. And thought, "Lovely". I found Goober here hiding over by the air conditioner unit. While there are a few wild cats around that no one can catch, this guy isn't afraid of anyone.

I put flea stuff on him for the ear mites and fleas. I will probably bathe him tomorrow so he'll be looking a little more presentable. Not sure what to do with him. I'll probably call the pound tomorrow, and see if they can take him. I can post his pic on petfinder in the mean time.

He's solid white, except for a gray tail. Sort of an unusual color pattern.

You can hear him purring in the video.

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