Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Help these two... PLEASE!

Received an email for help with an adoption of a wandering pair of lost pets:
(courtesy post)

How anyone could look out their front door, see these two and not let them in to stay is amazing to me. Just one look and they win me over.

They originally were seen separately and then they teamed up with the dog always following the cat. Never the other way around.

When we found out Animal Control was going to be called, we decided we just couldn't risk them being PTS.

We sent a wonderful volunteer to pick them up and transport them to our vet in Greenville, SC.

We have had them both fully vetted.

Holly, the dog, had to be spayed.

Noel had already been neutered, which we are very thankful for, since I bet he just loves to have a good time.

They are both as friendly as can be and would make the perfect ready made family.

It's Christmas time. Let's give them a present of a new life together with a wonderful family that will love on them as much as we do.
please feel free to pass this posting on to help this pair.

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