Monday, February 08, 2010

Meet the Artist! - Andy Mathis

And his work:

ANDY MATHIS is not "just" a wonderful artist, which is evident in his beautiful paintings, but he is also a Veterinarian working in Georgia. You could say he knows animals inside out. Andy has wonderful paintings in watercolor of his "clients" but he is also an accomplished still life and painter of floral subjects.

He has just released a video about one of his painting techniques and it is available to be viewed on Jerry's Art-a-rama site where a lot of artists purchase online supplies.

The link is below and can be shared with as many interested people as you know!

As you can see, he is very knowledgeable and very generous in his sharing of information, he has a most wonderful blogspot and posts many great pics of his furry patients.

Andy has helped so many in so many ways, in so many areas of interest. He is a founding member of Art Helping Animals and is always finding new ways to help the artists help the animals with new venues and ideas.

We invite you to Meet Andy Mathis and share the links!

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