Monday, July 12, 2010

Search and Rescue Dog - A New Job For Pearl

A New Job For Pearl

As a writer some stories you write have a real impact on your life. In this case I was intrigued to find that not only was Pearl, a search and rescue dog, who herself was rescued from the shelter. Reading "A New Job For Pearl", I discovered a new prospective on how animals can help us.

Than I learned more about the dedication and determination of the 2nd grad chilldren of Rancho Romero School in Alamo, CA, their teacher and all those volunteers involved with raising money for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation to train another search and rescue dog. I was so taken by it I too wanted to help these children raise the money and make people aware of how animals can impact our lives.

I wrote two articles about Pearl:

Shelter Dog becomes a search and rescue dog and heroine of a new book.


Search and Rescue Dog: Pearl's Story Continues

The class has now raised $6000 towards the $10,000 needed to cover the cost of training another search and rescue dog. They now need your help to raise the additional $4000 to realize their goal.

Click one of the links above to find out how you can help these 2nd grade children realize their goals.

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