Friday, April 28, 2006

The Rewards of Adopting an Older Pet

Adopting an older pet can be very rewarding. Not only would you be saving an older pet's life , you will be adding a wonderful addition to your family. An older pet knows the ropes and is quite settled into things, while still being full of life and fun to be around. Not that there won't be challenges. But those challenges are fewer to deal with. Just recently, our neighbor's young puppy escaped from his yard. I watched him until his owners came home from work. Although he was quite cute, it made me realize how lucky I was to have adopted an older dog. I got my Maggie when she was 6 1/2 years old. She came house broke and leash trained. She didn't chew a thing. She fit quite comfortabley into my family's life. She is now nearly 12 years old and has been a real joy to be around and a wonderful family member. She's my girl! So if your looking for a new pet for your home, please don't pass up the senior pet for the puppy or kitten. If your not looking, please support such wonderful rescues such as Old Dog Haven.
Thanks, Robin Andreae


wobbles mum said...

Maggie is so like my first English Bull Terrier, Wobble. Wobble was dumped on my doorstep when she was 14years old, and she was in a dreadful condition. The vet wanted to put her down, saying she would only live maybe 9 weeks. My daughter, Maxine, and I decided to give this old lady a good retirement. and took her home with us. We had Wobble for 26 months, and if anyone wants a copy of my book, We'll Call Her Wobble, I will email it to them in return for them promising a donation to the people who help older pets find good homes. Wobble was a very special elderly lady, and she and I lived life to the full, enjoying every special moment of our life together. Older pets offer so much. We'll Call Her Wobble tells of just a few of the pluses.

Amber Lowe said...

What a beautiful painting to go with a wonderful charity group. I am a Bull Terrier lover and artist and was very moved by this website. Thanks for sharing it with us!

ArtHelpingAnimals said...

Thanks Wobbles Mum for the wonderful offer. Old Dog Haven is a great organization. Wobbles sounds like a real gem! And we both know that bullies are the best!