Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sweet Pea- Helping Dachshund Dogs in Need

Sweet Pea is one lucky girl.

She was a family pet who suffered abuse and ended up with severe trauma.

Her family determined that it would be too involved to treat her so
they took her to a vet to be destroyed.

The Veterinarian contacted rescue and a guardian angel human
interviened- paying Sweet Pea's passage to a waiting home many states away and paying for further treatment for her injuries.

Sadly the home did not work out and Sweet Pea did not benefit from the funds provided with intent to treat her. Again her angel interviened- this time calling and finding a Cairn Terrier Rescue who would at the very least pick up the poor Dachshund and house her until a local Dachshund rescue- DARE
was able to pick her up.

DARE volunteers immediately began treatment on her injuries and gave her love and attention which she basked in.

Sweet Pea is at Dare Rescue hoping for a forever home! Please help her!

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