Friday, May 19, 2006

Art Filled with Life and Spirit

Photos courtesy of Taylor Lehr copyright © 2006
This is Art (short for King Arthur), one of the new colts at True Blue Animal Rescue near Brenham, Texas. What a fine horse he will make and how lucky to have been born at T-bar where he will find the most loving of care. I find energy in this young colt so filled with life and spirit. Art has been unofficially appointed the Art Helping Animals 2006 mascot. Art will be finding his way into a painting soon. See additional photos of Art and others at True Blue Animal Rescue.

Dietrich was seen being dumped on a deserted road in Washington Co. along with his brother, Sutter. Both beautiful German Pointers were scared and alone. Now safely taken into TBAR, Dietrich is safe and cared for, but he needs a forever home of his own. He is a very loyal and devoted dog that wants to do all he can to please the people around him. He gets along with other dogs and animals and enjoys playing and romping around with them. He enjoys attention and being scratched behind the ears. At approximately one year of age, Dietrich has reached his adult weight of 40 lbs. He’s neutered and has all of his shots. Please consider giving this special boy a safe and loving home by calling TBAR today at (936) 878-2349.

You can help Dietrich, Art and all the other horses, dogs, cats, and pigs at T-bar by purchasing a painting, adopting an animal or by making a cash contribution directly to the charity. Thanks in advance for your support.

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