Saturday, May 20, 2006

Beautiful Wolves

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit organization which currently receives no government funding. They educate the public, rescue wolves and offer sanctuary to wolves in need. They are located in a small community in Candy Kitchen, New Mexico. Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary provides a permanent residence for over 50 wolves and wolf-dogs. These captive-bred wolves are provided with natural large wooded enclosures, built around rocky terrain and plentiful vegetation. At 7,600’ elevation, their 80 acre sanctuary provides all the residents with a natural habitat in the mountains of the high New Mexico desert. Please visit there site to learn more and donate
I have a charity auction that is based on one of the many wolves looking for homes at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. Her name is Meea and she is a beautiful white wolf with gorgeous eyes. Here is the link to my auction.
Thank you, Melinda Dalke

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