Monday, June 12, 2006

Montana Corgi Picnic

Corgi Pals is a 16X20 inch painting available on ebay for a charity auction benefiting the animals.

Sunday was the Corgi Picnic. The weather didn't cooperate. We had high winds blowing everything away but the Corgis. These little guys live horizontally and the wind didn't faze them. They were running and jumping and playing. About 65 Corgis showed up inspite of the wind. What amazed me was how well behaved these little guys were. The worst problem was that the wind snatched our words away. Once a Corgi ran to the end of the 5 acre park, he couldn't hear voice commands.

As an art my overall impression was of Corgi eyes and ears. These little guys seem to be all eyes and ears. Large brown eyes twinkling with intelligence and big ears listening for the next activity.

The wind was hard the the vertical humans. Everyone was pretty wind blown and tired by the end of the picnic. But the Corgis has so much fun that were jumping with joy.

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